Elevator Floor Before and After
Before and After

Just the beginning of the rewarding results  of resurfacing and polishing this Fort Lauderdale Hotel’s hard marble surface.

Marble Polishing Photo 2 Marble Polishing Photo 1 Marble Polishing Photo 3

We use the highest quality equipment and diamond polishing pads to obtain mirror finishes.

No inconvenience, No chemicals, and No mess!

Marble Polishing Hotel LobbyA 10 X 10 area can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 1/2 hours depending on the severity of the damage.  That is why regularly scheduled maintenance is less expensive than long gaps of time between visits.

Marble Polishing Hotel ElevatorIt takes many passes with a 200 pound machine, and grit sizes ranging from 50 to 8500 , to bring back the beauty of this hard marble surface.